Research Project

November 15, 2006

I plan to do my research project on the adertising of condoms.  I will focus on the development of advertising this product and the different forms of attracting users.  Because there are not ads about condoms everywhere you look, I will use a variety of brands, primarily the dominant brands of the market such as trojan, durex, etc and also the advertising of different types of condoms (female, lamb skin, latex).  I expect to find arguments on the the appropraitness of condoms and through studying the development I expect to find how condoms and shifted their advertising to appeal to a greater audience, or a more conservative audience perhaps.  Also the advertising of the use of condoms, rather then the purchase of condoms will be part of my essay.

I have found one interesting brief article online about the banning of condom advertising in China (1989).  The article describes the irony of this ban considering that there is a limit to the amount of children parents can have in china and also of the HIV epidemic in China, more than 600,000 are infected.  Another article was explaining the positioning of condoms within a store to sell them more efficiently.  Most companies these days place condoms in a feminine hygiene section.  Women are consistantly becoming more aware through advertising awareness of the dangers of STD’s and possibility of becoming pregnant and this has effected womens interest and purchase of condoms.

I would like to dive more into the technique of selling the product through research of slogans, and the companies mission statement


Questions for a second reading

November 8, 2006

1. In discussing opinions one may find authentic liberation or an example of Problem-Posing education. Multiple answers mixed with different thought processes can teach both the speaker-listener and the listener-speaker. For example politics, or evolution vs. creation, or michigan vs. ohio state. Discussion questions that can be answered in two different forms. One may not convince another to completely change their beliefs but one may make someone conscious of consciousness.

2. The ability of humans to achieve praxis is a driving force that puts us above other beings, the ability to comprehend and question reality places us above animals. Therefore our ability to create knowledge through questioning reality is praxis. Alienating ourselves is separating us from being “containers” from being part of the banking educational system. Alienation as a possible form of liberation.

3. Freire contradicts himself greatly in this article, he is teaching us of his method and we are the containers becoming full with every word read. Any belief he writes of, any idea he attempts to convey to the reader relates the idea of a deposit within the reader. On page 260, the last paragraph states that “the teacher’s thinking is authenticated only by the authenticity of the students thinking.” This is apparent in his own teachings because they are rather authentic, and now as a reader and a student we seem to have obtained an authentic knowledge.

Questions for a second reading.

October 25, 2006

1. In this essay Bordo uses her middle aged humor to help her piece flow. She makes her points, for example on page 174 she states her excitment for the ad that portrays “the body parts we love to squeeze”. Her essay is informal, its as if you are talking to your moms funny single best friend. Shes older and respectable but then she has a funny side to her. Bordo uses this strategy to flow with this sort of essay. Because the subject matter she is speaking of is sort of “overexposed” she makes you feel comfertable reading it by breaking the mood or acting as a friend to the reader. The reader then pays closer attention and becomes more involved with the writing.

2. The sub sections act as chapters in a book do. They give you a title, an idea for what the reading is to be and it draws the reader to become interested. The loudest of the subsections I believe is the first two or three that intrigue the reader with plenty of rude humor and naked pictures of men. Each subsection touches on mens desires as well. Men obviously care about how they look and it is more prevelent these days whether one is gay, one asks his wife “Honey, what do I wear?” or they want to look big and tough. The final two subsections are the meat of the essay, the main drift.

3. Her argument about finally being introduced to male culture in this society by being introduced to the advertising of nude men is a great example over differen”subject positions”. She now finds herself interacting as males do when they see a woman with little clothes on for an ad for Coca Cola or something. She speaks of the different looks and positions that models give us. The lean and look away look gives the consumer the idea that the model is the object and we control them. The rock hard stare at the consumer is a staring contest between the product and the consumer…made so the product wins because pictures dont blink. The only thing these ads do for me is realize that the guys in the pictures do look cool, but they are made to look that way just to sell the product. After reading this essay I look at the ads and dont feel much because the entire argument is that we are supposed to interpret the photos as “masculine”, the arent really that way. The lean is just a cool stance that any one can do. The stare is just an intimidating glare that anyone can do.




Ads- Question 2

October 11, 2006


In this ad we see a woman playing pool either at a bar or this mans fancy home. This represents the womans power…she looks dominant with the pool cue in her hand while putting some chalk at the tip. The phrase “Live it to the Limit” emphasizes that if you wear these pants you will push life to the limits and that is exciting. Then also notice the mans face…he is interested in this woman because of her dominant behavior, this is different because it is characteristically a male feature. The womans behind is also tight and cute, but at the bottom it says “A fit for every-body” therefore it lends out to overweight or not as fit people as well.


Here we have a male looking out over a balcony into the ocean looking extremely pensive and sophisticated in his dashing sweate, wristwatch and hat. The most intruiging part of this ad is the American flag border. The company is pressing Nationalism, if you are an American, Gant clothes is a respectable company for your attire. The phrase “Authentic American Clothes since 1949” gives them their sense of legitimacy in the American clothing industry. They attempt to add in a sense of pride into their fabric.

Ads- Question 1

October 11, 2006

In the first ad thereis no sexuality, there are men and women in each drawing and they are all extremely formal in their attire. They resemble wholesome young adults of America. Also with each photo not only does Kotex give you a reason why to wear their “napkin” but they also give advise about proper hosting, train-dinner talk and introductions. This represents the olden days, the 40s and 50s when everyone wished to be wholesome and clean cut. To be in the know about a proper lifestyle is to be in the know about the proper tampons. The second ad shows a spread out model blurred below the waist with a night gown on and a bit of her breast showing. The writing below states “Be a Beautiful Story”, now the interest in tampons is not due to a proper lifestyle but rather to be beautiful. And to “Be Sure” you are beautiful you have to use Kotex. This is during a time of rebellion, the 60s or 70s when this model took this shoot the kids were freeing their minds, and this ad represents the sexual aspect of this time period.

Questions for a Second Reading

October 4, 2006

1. Douglas’s interpretation of the “perfect woman” has a toned butt and thighs. These women are knowledgable about manly things like old movies that were predominantly watched by men or they partake and know about sports. Their body is desireable to the eye and they use enough makeup to cover up all things undesireable to their peers. Women with bags under their eyes, with wrinkles and a bit of fat around their bodies but stay healthy or those women that Douglas commends. It was interesting when she noted that a womans face, her original face, tells the story of her life. The bags under her eyes remind her of the sleepless nights in college or with her new born baby. These are the women she admires and surrounds herself with because they work to make themselves happy, not their peers.

2. One important phrase she uses is deconstruction. She relates it to the deconstruction of ads in magazines. To break down the ads and the articles so that the reader can digest the meaning of what is trying to be sold. Is it really just a cream that will cleanse your face and avoid wrinkles? Or is it the media banging into your head that having a clean, wrinkleless face is the norm and is what you have to do? Another interesting tactic she uses with her words is when she describes different types of advertisements. With creams there is “building construction”, “high-tech approach”, “science and technology approach” or the “star wars approach”. Each of these in a way relates an idea of predominantly male occupations and interests to womanly cleansers.


October 4, 2006


In this photo we see two muslim women covered from head to toe. These women may possibly desire to be toned and have perfect butts but due to religious and cultural constrants are forced to cover their entire bodies.

Janet Reno is in no way attractive, she is not a typical beauty described by Douglas in her essay

Question 2

September 25, 2006

Berger attempts to see images as simply as possible. He doesnt care for the quality of work it seems, the colors or the brush strokes. He attempts to look through the painting into the mind of which it was created. He knows that a painting is a relation of an artist to the world and how he sees it and Berger believes that he can comprehend the past by viewing the historic world in different perspectives of people who lived in history through their artwork. In a way it is a communication between the past and the present, Berger believes that he can understand what history was like through an artists “writing” in his artwork.


Quesion 1

September 25, 2006

Berger views history as a right that every human has to know and understand. The relation of art and history is important because artwork defines our history better than any words would. A painting of a family in the middle ages gives us a better view of the family rather than someone attempting to explain their attributes. The family painting may also portray the environment they live in, their personalities and their flaws. Paintings and pictures are frozen frames in time that can be stored and remembered forever, ideas can be changed and passed on differently through different interpretation. Paintings may be interpretated differently but they relay forever how things were, and are comparable to how things are now.


2nd Questions – #3

September 10, 2006

There is no way that anyone could prove his idea of seeing “it”. One could say that the Grand Canyon is beautiful, or their experience with a secret tribe in Mexico was amazing, and one could say that they had just had the best lesson on sonnets in their biology class than they ever did in theyr english class. Still there is no telling if someone has really seen “it”. The idea of “it” is the same as the idea of love. Yes people fall in love, and yes people may see “it”, but there is no measuring how much you love someone just as there is no measuring how you can see “it”. Individual perspective creates a wall in studying the methods of Walker Percy’s argument. Different people see in different ways.